Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker - For the first time you can track all activity on the phone with one app, rather than different, each of them for a single function only. Do not need to install many programs, which individually and collectively use a lot of resources - battery, Internet, memory. It is not necessary to have access to the phone, wich you want to track. View of the data is remote and performed by specialized site in real time and history /for 1 year/.

Mobile phone tracking can see everything about your life, your children's life and the lives of family members and other.
You can use it:
- Phone track of children - The kids are inseparable with their phones, and in this way you can ensure their safety when you are at work and at home /in the night/ and you are not close to them;
- Tracking phones of your loved ones who need your assistance;
- Track employees - to control their activities
- And many other options /anti thieves, GPS tracking for car and many others/.

We are warning you that the purpose of Cell Phone Tracker is for your own purposes and to prevent accidents and trouble.
This is not a spy app. You do not must spying your family - do not spy husband / wife / friends and other people without their knowledge.

Tracking app is very easy for work and unlike other GPS Localizers has low battery consumption. For your convenience, all events are collected in a table in the site, allowing you to remotely and quick overview of everything, fast operate and you can set according to your specific needs and goals.

With the Cell Phone Tracker every phone becomes transparent to you and you can see and hear everything:
- contacts
- Call Tracking / incoming and outgoing /
- Call record
- SMS tracking
- MMC tracking
- Web history
- Whatsapp tracking text and photos
- Work with installed applications, games and more.

They all have a date, time, phone number, contact name and GPS location of detailed maps.
Application is installing on the tracking phone and you must create an account, with the same username and password you enter the site cited in the application.

Additional options:
Commands that can be sent remotely to the phone tracking:
- Actuation of the alarm / usage anti thieves and others / - Run alarm from another device by any web browser and listen from where your phone is ringing .
- A Command for phone position / at least every 5 minutes / - track entire route and more.
- A command to turn on the microphone and record the ambient noises and conversations - Listen to who and about what anyone was saying of your child when it is away from you.
- And others
Each of these events is accompanied with GPS location.

Cell Phone Tracker gives you one week free trial to make sure that there is no other app like that - workable, functional, easy and fast.
Our team is always empathize with your problem and provide you support 7days /24 hours.